Sh*t Book Reviewers Say

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Essential phrases for book reviewers.

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24 comments to “Sh*t Book Reviewers Say”

  1. Comment by Draconicrose:

    Oooh this! As funny as the lines were, the acting was just as hilarious. xD

  2. Comment by cabbagevender:

    Everyone? That is kind of the joke. It’s not like it was hidden in any way.

  3. Comment by Allen Dusk:

    Funny sh*t ;-) 

  4. Comment by simmonsmith11:

    thumbs up if you saw the tv

  5. Comment by SakuraFlowerBloom:

    @AJandHerCookie are you talking about Fallen novels? XD

  6. Comment by AJandHerCookie:

    What about “Look at how pretty the cover is!”… while holding in hand a y/a series on which there is nothing but a pale, mysteriously looking girl -her face half-covered with a weird flower print- that wears nothing but a long gown or oh-so-beautiful dress for unresolved reasons. :D

  7. Comment by RashBookZone:

    LOL! this was hilarious. i just started book tubing so i’ll try not to commit any of the offences in the video :D

  8. Comment by Jordan Moffett:

    If I ever start saying any of those things in my videos somebody punch me in the face.

  9. Comment by lyricarol:

    Hmmm. Does my generation have a voice yet?

  10. Comment by ronacharles:

    Thanks. That headboard came from Crate & Barrel at least eight years ago in Boston. It came blue; we painted it green.

  11. Comment by shirgirp:

    1. this is great 2. where did you get your headboard? 3. the layered glasses really got me 4. i’m serious about the headboard.

  12. Comment by Rick Carufel:

    Here’s a good one from one of my books on Amazon: “Some scenes were very creative…and disturbing.” Since it is Horror that’s the effect I was looking for. :)

  13. Comment by Bulletmouth:

    Where the fuck was the “Wickedly funny”

  14. Comment by zofie123:

    As soon as something vaguely surrealistic comes along….KAFKA-ESQUE! Brilliant.

  15. Comment by earbox:

    Needs more “limn.”

  16. Comment by DrDespicable:

    Nothing about the forthcoming inevitable sequel?

  17. Comment by Artdecomulligan:

    Brilliant, Critics don’t ya just lov’em !

  18. Comment by KDBryan01:

    At once both yet another simplistic meme and a counterpoint to said meme, “Sh*t Book Reviewers Say” is a PROVOCATIVE but ULTIMATELY MEANINGLESS exercise in HILARITY. This NEW AUTHOR’S work SHOWS DEFINITE PROMISE but lacks that certain JE NAIS SE QUOI to elevate it to the level of TOM ROBBINS, GEOFFRY CHAUCER or any of the EARLY, FUNNIER WORKS OF NORMAN MAILER. Nevertheless, MANY will consider this an EXCELLENT work of fiction for those of you WHO ENJOY THAT SORT OF THING. 3.667 out of 5 STARS

  19. Comment by asktunes:

    Fantastic video! Riveting! Smashing! A viral sensation!!!

  20. Comment by LesleyBoogie:

    Oh my gosh, yes. XD I was just waiting for you to use “tour de force” and I wasn’t disappointed!

  21. Comment by Terenewen:


  22. Comment by DreamSE22:

    You forgot to mention my favorite: “I really wanted to like this book, but didn’t!”

  23. Comment by jillian6475:

    Don’t forget “Breathtaking!” ::passes out::

  24. Comment by EW Greenlee:

    As an author, this is the funniest video I’ve seen this year.

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