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We had a question by Anita: Are the workout books from trx any good?
I am considering picking up the trx system but I am wondering if the workout books they have with the program are any good. Will they show me the right workouts to use so the machine is effective for me?

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Answer by Bob
There are a lot of great workouts inside the trx books. They will show you tons of moves to workout all the muscle groups in your body. It is very good. I would also suggest checking out how other people are using the system online. Many people come up with creative ways that are not in the original and official books.

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  1. Comment by istillcandream:

    I get cheap books from places like , they sell used and new paperbacks for pretty cheap prices.

  2. Comment by kitchenkatie11:

    the library!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Comment by caryn t:!
    I’m pretty uncool, so I don’t know what the clique series is, but I went to half and typed in “clique” under books- here’s the link:

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